「WriteWith」顔が見える筆談アプリ 公開


Writing app that communicates by looking at each other's faces.

A certain boy student couldn't convey his feelings of love to his crush on the grounds of hearing impairment...

One of our means of communication is communication by writing.

However, it has problem to be solved such as “I have been refused communication by writing”, “It is difficult to communicate by writing while looking at each other's faces”, and “It’s a one-way communication”.

In particular, there are requests such as “I wish I could communicate by writing while looking at each other's faces” and “I hope there is a writing app that makes the communication more fun” are raised from hearing impaired people.

Value provided by WriteWith

It allows us to enjoy communication with or without disabilities.

It realizes “more emotional communication” than ordinary conversation.

“Understanding of hearing impairment” and “Communication by writing” are promoted through this app.

Camera for Face to Face

Two faces are displayed on one screen, and they can communicate by writing while looking at each other's faces.

Emotion recognition & Handwritten text recognition

It recognizes facial emotions reflected on the camera and displays Emoticons that match those emotions in real time.

It analyzes the written text and presents Emoji that match its meaning.

motion recognition stage

The icons change according to the expressions of people, cats, and dogs.

Angry, contempt, weak, angry, happy, natural, surprising

Word to recognize

At the present stage, it recognizes two types of words related to [Face] and [Love].

Interaction with Emoticons and Emoji

Using the selected Emoticons and Emoji, you can get a good effect of communication without misunderstanding with the person you are talking to.


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